My Approach

Here's what you can expect working with me:


1. Goal Setting

In our first visit, we will go over your  medical history and health concerns and then hammer out some realistic short and long-term goals for your health and wellbeing. Getting clear and organized around what you truly want for yourself is an important first step. You have to know what you're aiming for if you're ever going to get it. 

2. Action Plan

Then we'll start identifying what needs to change in your life to get you there. It's important to know that some things will have to change if you're going to experience the benefits you're hoping for. 

With all this information we'll create a systematic action plan that inspires and excites you. 

Mindfulness   |   Lifestyle Changes   |   Education   |   Fine Tuning


Lifestyle Changes

Baby step by baby step we'll get you to eat well, move more and sleep better. This is where you gotta have some skin in the game–you need to make an investment in the form of taking action to get the pay off you're striving for. I'm going to guide you and deliver the best information I have so that each one of your actions packs as much punch as possible. But ultimately you're the one going home and making change happen for yourself. It gets easier as you go, promise.


I'm big on mindfulness. In this hectic and competitive world plagued by time poverty, practicing mindfulness is not really an option anymore. Through my research, education, personal and clinical experience I have come to know that mindfulness is the secret ingredient for change. It builds resilience to stress, nurtures self-compassion and enhances acceptance of what is. Start incorporating mindfulness into your life and marvel at how naturally your behaviour begins to shift. Your actions become proactive and more aligned with your goals. It's a little like magic. 



It's important to me that you understand the "why's" of your action plan.  During our conversations together I will provide you with information about your body and how it's interacting with your environment. The more you know and understand, the better-equipped you'll be to tune into your own body and mind and know how and when to care for yourself. Knowledge is the power to be your own doctor. 

Extra Help & Fine Tuning

Keep in mind that everything that was just mentioned – mindfulness, lifestyle changes and eduction – is, in my opinion, the real medicine. But there certainly are things that can serve as boosts or catalysts to this medicine, making your goals even more attainable. 

I primarily work with botanical medicines and nutritional supplementation when the scientific evidence and my clinical experience support the use of these.  In conditions involving hormonal imbalances I may prescribe Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).